broad beans with herbs (and bacon) // dicke bohnen mit kräutern (und speck)

broad beans

broad beans with bacon

broad beans are my absolute favorite vegetable at the moment! and this is another example for limited time consuming cooking while enjoying good food. all you need are local ingredients: broad beans, spring onions and aneth, a good splash of olive oil and bacon if you like. Continue reading

salad with peas, ham and cheese // salat mit erbsen, schinken und käse

salad with peas cheese and ham2

last time i had a salad with ham, cheese and a creamy dressing was back in the 90´s in a fast food restaurant. but this salad is far away from the trash this memory suggests. and there is absolutely nothing against that combination! peas and crunchy lettuce gives it a fresh drive and the tarragon vinegar makes the dressing a culinary highlight! Continue reading

elderflower ice cream // hollereiscreme

elderflower icecream_bearbeitet-1

if you also have been affected by the elderflower syrup fewer and made more syrup than one can drink until next spring and all your friends already received some as a gift, i have an alternative idea what you can prepare with the syrup. since i made the woodruff ice cream earlier this year i am in love with those flowery and fresh flavors, sweet but not obtrusive. exactly what best describes this elderflower ice cream. Continue reading

rhubarb cake with pistachios // rhababerkuchen mit pistazien

rhubarb cake with pistachios_bearbeitet-1

this recipe has a special relation with me as it is from a magazine that disappeared already twice for some time. so there was one rhubarb season when i was unable to bake it and feared that we have accidentially thrown the magazine away. but now it will be saved in the digital now for future seasons. Continue reading

how to pinch tomatoes // tomaten ausgeizen

tomaten ausgeizen_bearbeitet-1

tomaten ausgegeizt_bearbeitet-2

tomatoes are very easy to grow if you pay attention to some small things. first of all they need a plant pot that is big enough. secondly, the fruits don’t like rain. and finally you have to pinch the tomatoes during the whole growing period not to get a jungle and to bring all the tomatoes “energy” into the fruits. Continue reading

asparagus tartlets with homemade ricotta // spargel tartelettes mit selbstgemachtem ricotta

asparagus tarte

these have been the best asparagus tartlets i ever had! it might be due to the homemade ricotta or because of the lemony flavor of the whole thing or the fresh herbs on top – i don’t know. and it doesn’t matter, they are simply excellent … and they look very beautiful by the way! Continue reading

asparagus and smoked salmon and crisp almond crumbs // spargel und räucherlachs und knusprige mandelbrösel

spargel und lachs_bearbeitet-1

asparagus and smoked salmon is a very comforting combination. add a poached egg can’t be wrong in the most cases. but the extra kick of this dish are the bread crumbs and almonds roasted with cumin. asparagus and cumin, a combination which really surprised me and i was very skeptical while adding half a teaspoon of it into the pan, but it fits perfectly together! Continue reading