pickled green tomato po’boy with bbq-shrimp // eingelegte grüne tomaten po’boy mit bbq-garnelen

pickled green tomatoes II_bearbeitet-1

autumn is not only pumpkin season, but it is also the season for green tomatoes. so if you still have tomatoes, that didn’t turn red yet, do not worry, eat them! as we already had  fried green tomatoes and the green fried tomato po’boy, we tried something new. Continue reading

pear, fennel and cheese open face sandwich // brot mit birne, fenchel und käse

pear, fennel & cheese II_bearbeitet-1

a perfectly light autumn weeknight dinner or a very quick lunch. the fennel and stalk celery and all the fresh herbs give the salad its aromatic flavor and the pear an autumnal sweet touch. a great combination with soft goat’s cheese or sheep cheese. Continue reading

pasta, tomatoes and lentils // pasta mit tomaten und linsen

pasta with tomato and lentils_bearbeitet-1

i already learned a lot about italian ways to combine ingredients with pasta i never thought about before. pasta and potatoes for example, pasta cooked directly in pumpkin or courgette soup instead of water and this time i learned how excellent it tastes to combine pasta and lentils. Continue reading

courgette cake // zucchinikuchen

zucchinikuchen_bearbeitet-1 if you also had such an excellent courgette season you may know the situation having more courgettes than you can ever eat, particularly if some of them get a bit out of size. those ones which are too big for most of the other dishes, are just perfect for this courgette cake. Continue reading

wine gummy tomatoes // weingummi-tomaten

wine gummy tomatoes

this recipe is perfect to preserve some of the best summer flavors for some more weeks. the tomatoes are roasted in the oven for four hours and marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs. thereby they are super soft and sweet and you can keep them for some weeks in your fridge. Continue reading

focaccia with fennel and carrots // focaccia mit karotten und fenchel

carrots and fennel foccacia_bearbeitet-1

as the harvest of carrots and fennel has been late and not that abundant this year, i am extremely happy that it was enough to have this delicious fennel and carrots focaccia this year again. no matter how late in the year the harvest is, this brings summer back on your table. Continue reading