holiday on your plate: zucchini fritters and tzatziki // ferien auf dem teller: zucchini fritters und tzatziki

even though summer here is not really like we wish it would be, the garden starts to look like summer. as up to now we had almost nothing but asparagus to harvest, we are now going to have courgettes (zucchini), cucumber, beans, peas and i think i already saw a red tomato or two. Continue reading

socca with grilled asparagus, dill and feta // socca mit spargel, dill und feta

today is the last day to harvest asparagus before the traditional end of the season. on june 24th the germans stop harvesting asparagus to allow the plant to recover. because what we are eating and enjoying so much is nothing less than the sprouts. cutting off the sprouts all year long would kill the plant. Continue reading

eatable christmas gift and happy new year: quince paste // quittenkäse


another year with foodiesgarden comes to an end and it was a turbulent one! we moved back to berlin and thereby also back to having our garden almost in the neighborhood. but as some of you might have recognized, this unfortunately did not lead to more blogposts about gardening and cooking this year. because in addition to the moving, we both took some exciting steps in our jobs and therefor sometimes the food-writing had to step behind family and work. Continue reading