kale, sweet potato & hazelnut salad // grünkohl, süßkartoffel & haselnuss salat

kale, sweet potato and hazelnut salad_bearbeitet-1

dear friends, this is an enlightenment! as you already know, i am a great fan of eating uncooked kale. while the kale has to be chopped very finely for the kale salad i have posted you do not have to work that hard for this one. the secret to get the curly kale softer, so that you can eat larger pieces, is massage in some coconut oil. massaged kale sounds crazy to you? maybe it is, but it’s so good! Continue reading

four years with foodiesgarden and some tiny brown butter thyme cakes // vier jahre foodiesgarden und ein paar kleine braune butter und thymian küchlein

thyme cakes

there have been better years for foodiesgarden than the last one. our family grew, the jobs kept us busy and yes we did our gardening, we harvested and we ate good things and sometimes i also made some pictures … Continue reading

homemade: ice tea with elderflower syrup // hausgemacht: eistee mit hollersaft

ice tea_bearbeitet-1

we recently had really hot days with up to 38° C here in germany, where the best places to be have been the beach, the shadow of some trees or the swimming pool. but even when sitting on your balcony, everybody needs something refreshing, something very cold to drink. like ice tea. Continue reading

asparagus, rocket and avocado salad // spargel, ruccola und avocado salat

asparagus and avocado_bearbeitet-1

there are some ingredients you will find in almost every asparagus dish. egg is such an ingredient, but also butter, lemon and ham. this asparagus dish is one more of the egg-things, but together with the rocket and the avocado it tastes surprisingly new! Continue reading