grilled lamb with bear’s garlic and baked potatoes // gegrilltes lamm mit bärlauchbutter und gebackenen kartoffeln

grilled lamb and bears garlic butter2nd_bearbeitet-1

i can tell you: this is fantastic. the flavor of bear’s garlic accompanies perfectly the grilled lamb. some potatoes, the last ones from last year or already the new ones, combined with some herb butter would be an excellent side dish! Continue reading

coloring easter eggs with natural colors // ostereier färben mit natürlichen farben

easter eggs_bearbeitet-4

coloring easter eggs with natural colors is easier and much more fun than i ever thought. this year was the first time that we did not use those color tablets or powder you can buy to color your eggs and i tell you i will never need to buy them again. Continue reading

sowing, growing, harvesting: winter purslane

winter postelein_bearbeitet-1

this is the first year ever that the winter purslane worked. so it seems that winter purslane works only during very mild winters, which is really sad, as we do not often have a mild winter like the last one. but for this year i am happy and enjoyed the mild and nutty aroma of this fleshy lettuce. Continue reading

bear’s garlic soup with creamy sheep’s milk cheese // bärlauchsuppe mit frischkäse vom schaf

bears garlic soup with sheeps milk cheese_bearbeitet-1

to be honest, i adopted a bit the original recipe for this bear’s garlic soup which i found at valentines kochbuch and that was from the book “mein bistro zu hause” (my bistro at home). this way it is a super tasty and super quick weekday dinner. Continue reading

plan your kitchen garden // plane deinen küchengarten


it is high time to plan your kitchen garden, if you have not already done that. we will start to sow broad beans, peas, sugar peas, carrots, spinach, spring onion, first lettuce maybe and we also will plant garlic and onions next weekend. i already did an inventory of all seed packages i collected over the past years to find out what i should (not) buy this year. but i still did not have a garden plan yet. Continue reading

kale salad with lemon, almonds & pecorino // grünkohlsalat mit zitrone, mandeln und pecorino

kale salad_bearbeitet-1

can you imagine to eat kale uncooked? i couldn’t. but it was amazing! the finely chopped curly kale flakes have a really great texture and they taste so fresh. this salad is very easy and quickly prepared, regional and so seasonal like only lamb´s lettuce is at the end of the winter. Continue reading

ottolenghisation: chard with yoghurt and tahini & mejadra // mangold mit joghurt-tahini sauce und mejadra

chard yoghurt 2_bearbeitet-1

chard yoghurt 1_bearbeitet-1

there we go with another great ottolenghi dish with chard accompanied by mejadra which was for me a new combination of lentils, rice and exciting spices. and as almost every receipt from ottolenghis vegetarian book, it was a great success and we are looking forward to the upcoming chard season. Continue reading

ottolenghisation: chard & potato omelette – mangold & kartoffel omelette

it seems that winter is over and i really hope spring is arriving now. we already had some sunny and mild days, but apart from some chive sprouts, there are no fresh greens yet. lucky the ones who still have some frozen greens from last year. i already reported that we still have chard … meanwhile i became a kind of expert for all the variations you can do with chard. at the first glance, this omelette with chard and potatoes sounded very ordinary, but it turned out to be my absolute culinary highlight for this year! Continue reading