baked tomato and ricotta bruschetta // bruschetta mit gebackenen tomaten und ricotta

baked tomatoes and ricotta

and one more delicacy with tomatoes. this reveals all the tomato flavour you can imagine. while you bake them for more than one hour at a low temperature the tomatoes get soft, sweet and aromatic, intensified by garlic and oregano. one of the best things you can do with your tomatoes if you had them already too many time in salads or pasta sauce this summer. Continue reading

raw tomato pasta sauce // pastasauce aus rohen tomaten

raw tomatoe sauce

after you tried this raw tomato sauce the first time i am sure you will wonder why you cooked tomatoes ever in your life to prepare tomato sauce. it is so unbelievably good! and without cooking it is the fastest tomato sauce ever and ideal for a quick but delicious weekday dinner or whenever you are in a hurry but don’t want to abstain from good food. Continue reading

swiss chard pasta with goat’s cream cheese // mangoldpasta mit ziegenfrischkäse

swiss chard pasta_bearbeitet-1

this is the swiss chard recipe i was looking for since we are growing chard in our garden. in the beginning i had no idea what to do with swiss chard, so i decided to try every spinach recipe i knew with chard instead. meanwhile i have quite a huge collection of delicious chard recipes, but this one became immediately the number one. Continue reading

little currant cupcakes // kleine johannisbeertörtchen


these little currant cupcakes are really nothing special, but never the less really good! if you like, you can of course add some buttercream topping. or you can soak the cupcakes with some lemon syrup after baking them. this time we decided for the very simple way and had an excellent cupcake picknick in the park. Continue reading

harvesting: berries


these are our latest eatable friends from our terrace: a small tree with red currants, a bush with black currants and one with gooseberries. maybe not all three of them but at least one will find some space even on the smallest balcony and you can enjoy your own berry harvest. Continue reading

broad beans with herbs (and bacon) // dicke bohnen mit kräutern (und speck)

broad beans

broad beans with bacon

broad beans are my absolute favorite vegetable at the moment! and this is another example for limited time consuming cooking while enjoying good food. all you need are local ingredients: broad beans, spring onions and aneth, a good splash of olive oil and bacon if you like. Continue reading

salad with peas, ham and cheese // salat mit erbsen, schinken und käse

salad with peas cheese and ham2

last time i had a salad with ham, cheese and a creamy dressing was back in the 90´s in a fast food restaurant. but this salad is far away from the trash this memory suggests. and there is absolutely nothing against that combination! peas and crunchy lettuce gives it a fresh drive and the tarragon vinegar makes the dressing a culinary highlight! Continue reading