gardeners’ winter joy: cracking nuts // gärtners winterfreuden: nüsse knacken


while we currently have a hilarious number of grey winter days it is the perfect time to crack some nuts which we collected in autumn. as during winter there is not much to do for a gardener it is time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts and maybe combine them with some chocolate and butter to get a delicious tart or make some cookies. Continue reading

baked quince and blue cheese // gebackene quitten und blauschimmelkäse

baked quince_bearbeitet-1

quinces are real little wonders. they are furry and hard as stone before cooking them, but soft and fruity when cooked or baked. and they smell like heaven! as you can store them from autumn on during the whole winter they are perfect when there is only cabbage left in the garden. Continue reading

beet soup with goat’s cheese and mixed seeds // rote bete suppe mit ziegenkäse und kernmischung

beet soup_bearbeitet-1

beets are also one of those winter vegetables as they can be stored for months. and once cooked, they are real multi talents and perfect for a super quick dinner like this simple and delicious soup. Continue reading

colcannon: mashed potatoes with cabbage // kartoffelpüree mit kohl


this dish will make you feel cosy, as a real comfort food should do. it seems the irish know what they are doing against grey, windy and cold days. and as in january the available vegetables are limited to last years harvest stored in the basement, these mashed potatoes and cabbage dish is just perfect. Continue reading

galettes des rois: king cake // königskuchen

galette des rois I_bearbeitet-1

i think this cold season requires an extra portion of traditions. here is another one. this time it is a french tradition around epiphany on january 6th. i love all these traditions related to food, so here we go with galettes des rois. and there is even a little thing from the garden inside.

Continue reading

happy new year and delicious apple fritters // frohes neues jahr und apfelpfannkuchen/berliner/krapfen

welcome 2015_bearbeitet

these delicious apple fritters with salted caramel are another variation of the new year`s tradition i introduced to you two years ago. maybe they are a little bit more advanced than the classics ones which are filled with jam, but they are much easier to prepare. Continue reading