wine gummy tomatoes // weingummi-tomaten

wine gummy tomatoes

this recipe is perfect to preserve some of the best summer flavors for some more weeks. the tomatoes are roasted in the oven for four hours and marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs. thereby they are super soft and sweet and you can keep them for some weeks in your fridge. Continue reading

focaccia with fennel and carrots // focaccia mit karotten und fenchel

carrots and fennel foccacia_bearbeitet-1

as the harvest of carrots and fennel has been late and not that abundant this year, i am extremely happy that it was enough to have this delicious fennel and carrots focaccia this year again. no matter how late in the year the harvest is, this brings summer back on your table. Continue reading

harvesting: tomatoes


this years tomato harvest is simply amazing. we really had a lot of plants which we grew very successfully from seeds and the summer seemed to be absolutely favorable to ripen the tomatoes. almost all of them turned red this summer so i was really afraid of having no green tomatoes for fried green tomatoes this year. Continue reading

harvesting: terrace apples


these are the first apples from our terrace. in spring we bought a column apple tree which is growing very slender, so on every terrace or balcony it would have enough space. it will grow only horizontally without the branches we usually know from trees and it will get about two meters high, that’s it. Continue reading

blackberry and tarragon grilled cheese sandwich // brombeer und estragon-käse sandwich

blackberry grilled cheese sandwich_bearbeitet-1

this recipe is the result of mixed up memories and improvisation, but it turned out to be excellent! blackberries, french brie cheese and tarragon between two slices of bread, grilled. as i remember right now, the original recipe was with fontina cheese and basil and the blackberries are mashed, but the alternative is outstanding. Continue reading