i am the cook and the gardener. i love to eat, i love to cook, i photograph everything eatable and i love gardening. now i´m going to share these passions with you. this blog will be about my garden and my kitchen, how seeds become plants, how plants become vegetables and how they become delicious meals.


the cook
the gardener
the man (who often is cook and gardener as well)
the child (only eats)

the story

everything started with a tiny balcony flower box with parsley, dill and chives, too unspectacular to picture it.

soon we started to dream of more. rosemary. thyme. oregano. basil. mint. sage. tarragon. sorrel. burnet. coriander. and many more. As we are lucky to have a terrace we started to expand from the balcony flower box to a roof kitchen garden. to create a patch on the terrace we went to a building center and bought mortar bowl, potting soul and clay granulate.

it was such a success and fun, that we started to grow radish, salad, pumpkins and tomatoes in the next season.

and then started to dream of more homegrown food, started to read The New Self-Sufficient Gardener and to dream about being a self-supporter. as a start we ended up with two apricot trees, trimmed to espalier.

but the desire for a real kitchen garden forced us to extended outings and after months we found our land and started to shape it.

maybe autumn is not the very best season to start a blog about gardening. but there are still some things to harvest and at least to inspire you for next year gardening. and yes of course you can cook the stuff with bought vegetables as well.

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    • thanks a lot! i love your blog too and first of all i will make your sandwich cake for my mom´s birthday on sunday. hope she will like it 🙂

  1. How beautiful your blog is!
    Great photographs, beautiful story and I see that we have started our blog in the same month and year.

    Wish you a good time! Manuela

  2. Hi – I love your blog and would like to get in touch with you about recipes, cooking tips and seasonal entertaining ideas. Thanks – I look forward to hearing from you! / Laiko Bahrs

  3. Just found your blog, love it! Immediately signed up for the newsletter and I am totally incapable of keeping my curiosity to myself: pray, tell: are you an American-born, gardening cook/kitchen gardener living in Germany as well?
    If yes, how amazing, where are you based? Myself having set up camp years ago just outside of Cologne….
    Sorry, just had to ask!

    • thank you so much. such nice compliments make me really happy and the best motivation to keep on writing i could imagine. and i am german, writing in english just for fun. gardening started at our berlin based apartment and continued at the countryside. in between we moved to hamburg and we are experimenting with long distance gardening quit successfully.
      thanks for subscribing and i hope you will enjoy.

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