first big harvest of july

here comes the first big harvest of the main season and it makes me always very happy to see how all the things work and to know, this is just the beginning! we sowed the chard and beans in spring and planted courgette, cucumber and lettuce in late spring.

as the time to harvest all the great things approach, i am full of ideas what to cook. most of this first harvest will become a minestrone, the remaining courgettes will become delicious spaghetti carbonara, the lettuces will become an upper austrian classic, salad with a bacon dressing or a french bistro classic with grilled goats cheese and a vinaigrette. the beans and the cucumber will have to wait for the upcoming potato harvest in order to become a styrian potato salad with cucumber accompanying a classic vienna schnitzel and the beans will become pasta genovese. i will link to all these recipes as soon as they are cooked and hope to stimulate your curiosity and appetite.

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