glazed teltow turnips and beef tenderloin

maybe it is because of using an old type of vegetable which, in addition, is regional and seasonal, but it really reminds me of what you get served in all the recently opened “back to traditional recipies-restaurants” of the past years. and yes, it makes me lucky when i cook something for what i voluntarily would pay for in a restaurant.

so the preparation of the teltow turnips is very traditional as well. just sauteed and glazed. even in the region of origin they are hard to find, so it it is worse to grow teltow turnips on your own. but if you canĀ“t get them, you can take may-turnips instead of.

they are the perfect side to a good peace of beef.

teltow turnips, one hand-full per person
clarified butter
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp flour

beef tenderloine, one per person
2 tbsp aceto balsamico
4 tbsp beef stock
75 ml red wine
1 tsp fennel seeds, pounded
1 small dried chili, pounded
2 dried tomatoes, finely chopped
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
salt and pepper

clean the teltow turnips and cook them in lightly salted water until firm to the bite. it will takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the turnips. for this dish, the smaller they are the better it is. drain them. brown the sugar in the clarified butter, add the turnips and brown them as well. sprinkle with the flour as it will bound the sauce.

stir-fry your meat for a few minutes on each side over high heat. it depends on your taste. i prefer it medium raw, so the frying time is about 3 minutes each side. once done, place the meat on a preheated dish and let it rest, covered with some kitchen foil, for a view minutes.

give the pan a few minutes to cool down a bit. than add the wine, vinegar and stock and bring to a boil. add fennel seeds, garlic, chili and tomatoes. reduce the sauce until it gets a syrup like consistency.

arrange turnips and beef on plates and pour some sauce over the beef.


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