cucumber gin

this one is the perfect drink for a warm summer evening! it is fresh due to the cucumber and tastes very light because of the lemonade. and i really like to bite into the grated cucumber, it crunches so nicely.

the outside temperature for this drink is just perfect when you donĀ“t shiver if condensed water of your cold glass drops on you.

the relation of gin and lemonade depends on your taste and how strong you prefer your cucumber gin. the less gin the sweeter it will be and vice versa. so the following amounts will be a guide only, you will find your own perfect mix.

1 cucumber
2 liter of lemon lemonade
100 ml gin
ice cubes

it is done very quickly, as a perfect drink for a nice evening should be. just wash the cucumber, cut off the ends and grate it. mix the cucumber with a lot of ice cubes, the gin and the lemonade in a carafe. place some mint into the glasses and fill them up with the cucumber gin.

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