sowing bear´s garlic

bear´s garlic is a cold-germination plant, so you have to hurry up if you want to sow it still in this season. sowing time is from september till march. you may find a half-shaded place with a humid and humus-rich soil. the cultivation manual said, that you can sow the bear´s garlic in rows or broadcast it. we decided to imitate it´s natural habit and broadcasted it under some bushes and trees.

if you miss the sowing time from september till march you can also create the ideal sowing conditions artificially, even though it is very laborious. the first 3-4 weeks the sowing pots with bear´s garlic will need a “warmer” place. in it´s natural habit this will be in the soil covered with leaves. after this time the bear´s garlic needs cold temperatures ideally covered with snow. if you have been successful by creating this environment and the seeds sprout, you can plant the bear´s garlic in spring in your garden.

well both methods sound a little bit like roulette. i really hope it will work. if you will play it safe you also can dig up some wild growing bear´s garlic plants including their bulbs and replant them in your garden. this method works and we already tested it. and then you can enjoy for many, many years such delicious things like, bear´s garlic pesto, bear´s garlic soup, bear´s garlic butter … and we already look forward to new ideas the bear´s garlic season will bring this spring .

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