pasta with bear´s garlic pesto

i think it is not necessary to spend more than a few words about pasta with bear´s garlic pesto. it is so simple, quick and good, that it will win your heart – and burn the roof of your mouth.

the recipe is based on the classical pesto recipe. the only difference is that you won´t need additional garlic.

if you prepare a little more than you can eat at once, you can store it for some days in the fridge or freeze it, for example,  in ice cube boxes as i did with bear´s garlic butter.

two bunches of bear´s garlic
one hand full of grated parmesan
150 g pine nuts
olive oil

wash the bear´s garlic, drain it and chop it roughly. you don´t need to be meticulous as you will place the bear´s garlic into the food processor anyhow. pan fry the pine nuts until they are lightly golden and add them with the chopped bear’s garlic into the food processor. mix the bear´s garlic, the pine nuts and a good dash of olive oil until it combines to a smooth paste. add some more olive oil if necessary and stir in the grated parmesan. depending on the intensity of your parmesans flavor and your taste you have to season with salt and maybe some turns of ground pepper.

cook your pasta according to the instructions on the packaging. keep some of the cooking liquid. do not drain the pasta to keep it hot and combine it with the pesto and add a little bit of the cooking liquid. serve with more grated parmesan and a glass of red wine if you like.

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