indoor seed propagation

it is time for the next sowing round. now i will grow the more weather sensible plants indoor to plant them in may after the last night frosts. it is seeding time for celery, salad, cucumber, artichoke, courgette, pumkin and the three tries of the year, okra, honey melon and pepper padrĂ³n.

how to sow and grow your young plants depends on your prefrences. you can buy prepared small growing jars which pop up when you water them. the only thing you have to do is to place one seed in each jar. the next possibility are bought jars you have to fill up with potting compost to be ready for sowing. and third option is more basic and less expansive. all you need is a wooden fruit crate (ask at your preferred grocery store), a garbage bag and potting compost. put the garbage bag into the fruit crate and fill it with the potting compost. et voila, your self made indoor seed propagation space is ready.

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