bear´s garlic butter

this is my first bear´s garlic harvest of the year, but to be honest, it is not out of our own garden. i am very happy as we found a very rich bear´s garlic place. we just passed by in the car coincidently. so i decided to save our own one. in doing so, i do hope it will spread out more rapidly for future, very rich harvests.

now that i have inexhaustible sources of bear´s garlic, i can even more deep dive into my recipes ideas, starting with something really simple, but yet very delicious. bear´s garlic butter. it is sensationally tasty accompanied with fresh crunchy bread or any kind of barbecued meat or vegetable. unfortunately the barbecue season did not start yet, so i prepared some of the bear´s garlic butter for the upcoming summer. to have single portions i placed it into an ice cubes box and put it into the freezer. now i look forward combining the butter with grilled corn or a juiciy steak.

 250 g butter
a bunch of bear´s garlic
cest of one lemon
a pinch of salt

wash the bear´s garlic and drain the water by using a salad spinner to get the leaves as dry as possible. chop the bear´s garlic very finely and combine it with the soft butter, lemon cest and salt. et voila, bon appetit.

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