time to plan your kitchen garden again


winter time is almost over and we can look forward to the spring season again! the hardest season for gardeners can only be sweetened by thinking about the next season. so i studied cookbooks, looking for vegetables hard to find in grocery stores, and which can be grown in our garden. and of course i thought about my favorite vegetables and dishes of the last season. i am already studying seeds catalogues since christmas and ordered all kinds of little seed packages. and finally i received my order and now i am thinking of the garden plan with a thrill of anticipation!

it will be our first time to grow corn.
i am looking forward to cime di rapa, a kind of mini broccoli, i never heard before.
we hope to have more luck with growing kale this year.
i am curious about all the different kinds of pumpkins we are going to grow on our compost this year.
and it will be our first season harvesting asparagus, as you have to wait the first two years until you can start.

in my planning of the kitchen garden i tried to implement the principle of mixed vegetable gardening. carrots for example will grow very good in the neighborhood of onions. rhubarb is an ideal neighbor for cabbage. corn is an ideal neighbor for all kinds of beans. and so on. they protect each other against pests and support successful growth. and it is a good way to take the best advantage of the available space to grow your vegetables. in addition,  it will look much more beautiful than monocultures.

hope to inspire you for the next gardening season.

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