wine gummy tomatoes // weingummi-tomaten

wine gummy tomatoes

this recipe is perfect to preserve some of the best summer flavors for some more weeks. the tomatoes are roasted in the oven for four hours and marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs. thereby they are super soft and sweet and you can keep them for some weeks in your fridge.

i prepared a similar recipe one or two years ago, but this one is much better, so i really encourage you to take the four hours time. it is worth the effort. and they can be combined with almost everything. we had them with avocado, rocket and feta cheese on some roasted bread and we had them with pasta, rocket and pecorino cheese. they will be perfect as bruschetta on some garlicky roasted bread and today we will have them with green puy lentils, beets and soft goat’s cheese. you see, it is endless.

my inspiration for this recipe comes from jamie oliver, but you will notice yourself, there is nothing special about it, so you will not really need a recipe for it:

2 kg tomatoes
4 gloves of garlic
a good splash of olive oil
some fresh herbs like parsley, basil, oregano or whatever you like

preheat the oven to 100°C.

cut the tomatoes into halves and put them on a baking tray with the cut side on top. pour over a good splash of olive oil. peel and slice the garlic and place the slices on top of the tomatoes. bake for four hours. if they start to turn brown, remove them from the oven earlier if necessary.

fill the tomatoes into jars. add some fresh herbs and fill up with olive oil. store in the fridge for some weeks.


2 kg tomaten
4 knoblauchzehen
einen großen schluck olivenöl
frische kräuter, zb. petersilie, basilikum, oregano oder anderes

den ofen auf 100°C vorheizen.

die tomaten halbieren und mit der schnittfläche nach oben auf ein backblech setzen. einen großen schluck olivenöl darüber gießen. den knoblauch schälen und in scheinen schneiden. die knoblauchscheiben auf den tomaten verteilen. vier stunden backen. wenn die tomaten jedoch beginnen braun zu werden müssen sie bereits früher aus dem ofen genommen werden.

die tomaten in gläser füllen, die frischen kräuter dazwischen schichten und mit olivenöl aufgießen. im kühlschrank halten sie so mehrere wochen.

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