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harvesting bellpepper

i read a funny thing on the blog goodthingsgrow today. the garden actually does not care about the fact that september and october will be the beginning of autumn and everybody starts talking about pumpkin recipes and comfort food. the garden still offers summer stuff like tomatoes, fennel, blackberries and also bell pepper.

these bell pepper looks fantastic and at the same time they remember me of my saddest gardening failure this year, because they are not the result of my own bell peppers that i have started sowing (as you can see here). they are a protest against very small bell pepper spouts which denied to grow any more. my own bell peppers stagnated at a size of 3 cm until i let them dry out. but weeks earlier i went to a gardening center and bought a bell pepper plant, small green bell peppers hanging already on it! it was a kind of teaser to my own tiny plants how a bell pepper has to look like.

so at least the bell pepper grew big on our terrace and turned red. and it even had blossoms and two new bell peppers appeared.

i think i won´t start trying to grow them from seeds by myself again. at the very least i will need some years to get over that failure or move to a more appropriated climate zone to grow bell pepper.

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