broad beans with herbs (and bacon) // dicke bohnen mit kräutern (und speck)

broad beans

broad beans with bacon

broad beans are my absolute favorite vegetable at the moment! and this is another example for limited time consuming cooking while enjoying good food. all you need are local ingredients: broad beans, spring onions and aneth, a good splash of olive oil and bacon if you like.

the flavor of the broad beans, spring onions and aneth is rich enough to enjoy this dish as a vegetarian snack for lunch. we had it with some fried bacon, but both tasted excellent. i can imagine that it would be great as a side dish for some grilled lamb or fish.

the recipe is out of nigel slaters tender vegetable cookbook. a must have for everybody eating and cooking from farm to table. delicious recipe ideas and easy to prepare.

for 2:

250 g broad beans
6 spring onions
one bunch aneth
one bunch mint
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
olive oil
4 slices bacon
white bread

pod the broad beans and simmer the small beans for about 5 minutes. rinse with cold water and remove the thin skin which surrounds each bean.

wash the spring onions and cut them into thin rings. wash the aneth and chop. wash the mint and chop as well. combine the herbs with the white wine vinegar and season with salt and pepper. add some olive oil and stir until it gets the texture you prefer. it probably will be around 80 ml of olive oil.

fry the bacon until golden and crispy. combine the broad beans with the dressing, arrange on plates and set the bacon on top if you like.

serve with some crunchy white bread and a chilled glas of white wine.



für 2:

250 g dicke bohnen
6 frühlingszwiebeln
ein bund dill
ein bund minze
2 el weißweinessig
4 scheiben bacon

die bohnen enthülsen und die bohnenkerne 5 minuten köcheln lassen. abschrecken und die bohnenkerne aus der kleinen haut drücken, die sie umgibt.

frühlingszwiebeln waschen und in dünne ringe schneiden. den dill waschen und hacken. die minze waschen und hacken. die kräuter mit dem weißweinessig mischen und mit salz und pfeffer abschmecken. olivenöl dazu rühren bis das dressing die gewünschte konsistenz erreicht hat. das können etwa 80 ml olivenöl sein.

den bacon knusprig anbraten. die dicken bohnen mit dem dressing vermischen und auf teller verteilen. wer mag, setzt den bacon oben drauf.

mit knusprigem weißbrot und einen kühlen glas weißwein servieren.

guten appetit!

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