first asparagus harvest – unsere erste spargelernte

asparagus harvest

ladies and gentleman, this is our first asparagus harvest; so we enter a new annual spring series here: asparagus en masse! my parents had asparagus in their garden when i was a child. and i remember years where we had so much asparagus that we ate it for lunch as well as for dinner during weeks. the variance of my mum´s way of preparing asparagus was much lower than mine today, but nether the less i have the asparagus season in best memories.

growing asparagus is not that difficult as most people think. the single naughty thing is that you can´t start to harvest before it´s third year. the plant will need those years to settle and to get strong. if you survived this long waiting period you can start to harvest with the beginning of spring until june 21st for long years (at least if you are in the northern hemisphere).

there is almost nothing to do during the garden year. in spring you have to build the asparagus bed and in autumn you have to cut the asparagus greens, which you let grow after the season, and burn them in an autumnal bonfire. and of course, you have to harvest, if the conditions are ideal, every day. great thing!

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