homemade cherry jam

self made jam on a fresh morning roll guarentees a lucky start for the day, as far as a morning can be lucky. the fruity sweetness will make it definitely better. and a self made jam will always be much more fruity than the highest quality you can get in a store. to prepare your own jam there is not much to do and thanks to the invention of jam sugar nothing can go wrong.

 1 kg cherries
1 kg jam sugar

jam jars

wash the cherries and sort out any faulty fruit. get off the stalks and the kernels. therefore i recommend a cherry stoner, otherwise you will go crazy. than mix the cherries with the jam sugar in a large pan and bring to the boil. now you simply have to follow the instructions on your jam sugar package. mine said boiling slowly for about 4 minutes while stirring up steadily. after the 4 minutes i made the first jelly test. therefore you have to give one tsp of the jam on a plate, wait some seconds and if the consistency becomes jelly you are done. if not, boil for a few minutes more and repeat the jelly test.

before filling the jam into the jars i shortly blended it with a hand blender in order not to have to many whole fruits in it. but this depends on your taste. now fill it into the jars, close them and let them rest for a short while upside down to produce a vacuum. don´t wait to long until you turn them, otherwise you risk that the jam will stick on the upper part of the jar and this won´t look very nice.

to make your jam jars nice looking i have discovered during winter the  jam labelizer on the very pretty design blog how about orange and since that time i was full of anticipation to make my own jam labels.

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