eatable christmas gifts: jam triangels // marmeladeecken

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time is fleeting, we are already the third sunday of advent. only one more week until its christmas and i hope all of you are getting in the mood. if not, a cookie will always be a good thing and as a side effect you will have some christmas presents.

the jam triangles are not complicated at all. all you need to succeed is a sticky jam. jams which are too smooth or fluidly will leak while baking. apart from that it is up to you what kind of jam you take for the filling. i had red and black currant jam, but i can also imagine sour cherry jam for example.

the dough has to chill in the fridge over night, so you should start one day in advance. preparing the cookies itself then will be very quick.

i found the recipe in das kleinen keksbuch.

so enjoy your third sunday of advent!

400 g flour
250 g butter
1 package dry yeast
4 tbsp rum
8 tbsp milk
2 tbsp sugar
icing sugar

combine flour, butter, dry yeast, rum, milk and sugar and knead until you get a compact dough. allow the dough to rest at a cool place over night.

the next day preheat the oven to 180°C.

roll out the dough and cut out squares. fill each square with one tsp jam and fold to a triangle.

bake the jam triangles for about 20 minutes. allow to cool out a bit and dredge with some icing sugar as long as they are still warm.


400 g mehl
250 g zucker
1 packung trockenhefe
4 el rum
8 el milch
2 el zucker

mehl, zucker, trockenhefe, rum, milch und zucker zu einem teig verarbeiten. den teig über nacht an einem kühlen oft rasten lassen.

den ofen auf 180°C vorheizen.

den roll ausrollen und in quadrate schneiden. jedes quadrat mit einem teelöffel marmelade füllend zu dreiecken zusammenklappen.

die marmeladeecken etwa 20 minuten backen und dann etwas auskühlen lassen. noch leicht warm mit puder(staub)zucker bestäuben und fertig.

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