the 20 cm courgette

courgette 33 cm_bearbeitet-1

courgette 15 cm_bearbeitet-1

some days ago i listened to a debate on the radio about the 20 cm courgette, which is usually offered by supermarkets. the critic was that the 20 cm dogma suggests that only this small courgettes are delicious.

and i can only support this debate that this perception is absolutely nonsense. you can enjoy courgettes of almost every size. it simply depends on what you are going to do with them.

the 20 cm courgette or even smaller will be good to be eaten raw or cooked very shortly like as in the salmon and courgette salad with feta and chervil.

the medium sized ones are perfect to be filled and gratineted, for example courgette al forno.

and the very large ones are very good for cakes, pureed soups or hummus … recipes coming soon.

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