growing green asparagus

green asparagus_bearbeitet-1

in general asparagus is asparagus, green or white, there is no difference. both are the  shoots of the asparagus plant Рone with photosynthesis and one without.

of course there are little differences between the asparagus plants. there are some variations of asparagus which are more suitable for the one or the other. we have some plants we explicitly¬†bought as green asparagus. those grow in a real light green and have a mild taste. for the green asparagus you don’t need to heap up soil or mulch over the bed. you can cut the asparagus just on the ground level.

the white asparagus also turns green when it grows out of the soil. as long as they stay under the earth – without photosynthesis – they are white and mild in it’s flavor. getting to the daylight they start to turn green, but with a violett shade and their flavor is getting a bit stronger than the originally green ones.

doing long distance gardening we actually have a lot of green asparagus – from green and white origin – but also some white asparagus. we love them all and discover many new asparagus recipes on order not to get bored. some of them you can discover here over the next weeks.

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