indoor propagation by seed: tomato // voranzucht: tomaten

tomato seedlings_bearbeitet-1

our tomato plants are still very small but i am happy that the seeds i grew myself last summer are still working! so if should you have your favorite tomato this summer, take the opportunity and keep some seeds so you can grow them every summer.

start to sow them end of february at the latest. repot right after the first true leaves (that are the ones after the cotyledons) show up. if the outside temperature during the day is warm enough, get them out so that they get used to wind and all those things outside. but don’t forget to bring them inside in the evening because they are very sensitive to night frost and low temperature. that’s also the reason why you have to wait before planting them out until the ice saints are over – sometime at the beginning of may.

in may they can move outdoors in flower pots on your balcony or terrace or you plant them outside.

happy gardening!

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