plan your kitchen garden // plane deinen küchengarten


it is high time to plan your kitchen garden, if you have not already done that. we will start to sow broad beans, peas, sugar peas, carrots, spinach, spring onion, first lettuce maybe and we also will plant garlic and onions next weekend. i already did an inventory of all seed packages i collected over the past years to find out what i should (not) buy this year. but i still did not have a garden plan yet.

but yet it is good to have a plan in order to maximize the use of your beds between spring, summer, autumn and winter harvest. it is also good to have a plan to avoid loosing the oversight for an optimal crop rotation. heavy feeder, moderate feeder, light feeder and green manure (ideally) in turns. and it is also good to think about good and bad neighbors. peas for example do not love the neighborhood of garlic. cucumbers don’t like to be close to tomatoes or radish. but carrots are perfectly accompanied by onions and lettuce.

so enjoy planning, sowing and harvesting this coming season!

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