sowing, growing and harvesting: carrots


in the case of carrots we are simply lucky, i guess. the soil of our garden seems to fit perfectly the carrot´s needs. the carrots are nice looking year for year and this year without maggots, carrot flies or others. so we have more carrots than we can eat and i already ordered a new juicer …

well, if you are spared from pests, growing carrots is a pleasure. you sow them in rows in early spring. leave space between the rows of about 30 cm, because the greens of the carrots will become huge. from time to time you should thin the carrots in the rows out. in early summer those thinned out carrots will already be perfect baby carrots. the rest can grow until late summer.

some years ago i tried to store them packed into a box with sand in the cellar. but it was not very successful. they became dry and crumpled. since that experience i store them in a plastic bag in the fridge for some weeks and this works fine, even though our fridge is quite overloaded at the moment.

but we will have great things with our carrot harvest, at least liters of carrot juice creations.

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