eatable christmas gifts: rosemary chocolate bark with brazilian nuts and fleur de sel

still need some small gifts for christmas? here you go: diy rosemary chocolate barks with brazilian nuts and fleur de sel. sounds exciting, no?

i love dark chocolate and fleur de sel. when i discovered this combination some years ago, it was a revelation to me. since that time i love to bake a jamie oliver tarte filled with salty chocolate from time to time and have to buy dark chocolate with fleur de sel whenever it crosses my way. now i met this chocolate bark with salt flakes, which in addition is with rosemary. which means i can make my absolute favored chocolate with some herbs of our garden. so i definitely had to try it out and everybody loved it!

the idea of this amazing combination is from the blog camille styles. i adopted her recipe a bit in terms of the dark chocolate and milk chocolate relation, changed the type of salt and used brazilian nuts instead of pecan nuts. so i simply took what we had at home. feel free to vary the chocolate bark to your taste. i think there are millions of combinations possible. and i would be happy, if you would share your experiences with me.

200 g dark chocolate
200 g milk chocolate
small handfull roasted brazilian nuts
1 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary
a pinch of fleur de sel

melt the chocolate over a bain-marie. place a baking paper on a large cutting board, baking tray, dinner tray or what ever allows you later to move the whole thing to the fridge or freezer. when melted, pour it on the baking paper and flatten the surface a little bit. the chocolate bark should be about 1 cm thick. if your chocolate still is too hot and liquid just wait a minute before putting it on the baking paper.

now you can start to sprinkle over the nuts, rosemary and fleur de sel. move the chocolate bark to the fridge, freezer or if cold enough outside to allow to cool down. after half an hour,  the chocolate bark should be firm. break it into peaces and enjoy! if you would like to store it for some days, i recommend to keep it in the fridge, because the chocolate risks to get ugly and change color.

have fun and a nice third sunday of advent!


200 g dunkle schokolade
200 g milchschokolade
eine kleine handvoll gerösteter paranüsse
1 el gehackter frischer rosmarin
eine prise fleur de sel

schmelze die schokolade in einem wasserbad. lege backpapier auf ein großes schneidebrett, backblech, tablett oder was auch immer dir später erlaubt das ganze in den kühlschrank oder gefrierschrank zu transportieren. gib die schokolade, wenn sie geschmolzen ist, auf das backpapier. der chocolate bark sollte etwa 1 cm dick sein. falls die schokolade noch zu heiß und flüssig sein sollte, warte noch eine minute, bevor du sie auf das backpapier gibst.

nun kannst du die angerösteten nüsse, gehackten rosmarin und fleur de sel über die schokolade streuen. stell die schokolade nun für etwa 30 minuten in den kühlschrank, gefrierschrank oder einfach nach draussen, falls es kalt genug ist. nach einer halben stunde sollte die schokolade wieder fest sein. brich sie in stücken und lass sie dir schmecken! falls du sie einge tage aufbewahren möchtest, empfehle ich die lagerung im kühlschrank, da die schokolade sonst weiß anläuft.

viel spass und einen schönen dritten advent!

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