preserving summer – slowly roasted tomatoes

slow roasting is an excellent method to preserve the last summer aromas for a little bit longer. tomatoes become very soft and very sweet by this method and you can combine them to delicious meals like roasted tomatoes with avocado, rucola and feta cheese for example.

use only mellow, nicely red tomatoes for this recipe. if a tomato is not mellow in october it will not become it any more. but it is time to harvest your last tomatoes now otherwise they will start to rot. with the green ones you can make some green tomato chutney or you can use a trick to turn them red.

olive oil

wash the tomatoes and quarter or divide into eights. put on a baking tray and season with salt and pepper. add a splash of olive oil and bake by 150° C for about 2 hours.

store in the fridge and enjoy the summer flavor!

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