finally it is pear time

late summer i discovered a pear tree in our hedge and since that time i am very excited. you might ask yourself now how i can “discover” a pear tree. but we did not plant the hedge ourselves and there are some wild pear trees in the hedge, which you canĀ“t eat, unfortunately. but one day i saw some big shiny pears hanging between the leaves …

as you probably can imagine, it is not that easy to reach up to the pears hanging on a tree in the middle of a hedge. so i started to cut a passage through the hedge, to reach the trunk but got stuck there as well because the stem was overgrown as well.

finally we put a latter “onto” the hedge and climbed on it to reach the pears. we did this weekly in order not to miss the day they are mellow. now they are!

in all the weeks while i waited i imagined the cakes and tartes and fantastic deserts i would create. now i will start and you can be curious.

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