courgette – the gardeners best friend

if you ever had courgettes in your garden or on your balcony you know what i mean saying that courgettes are the gardeners best friend. particularly if you have more than one plant, you will always have at least one courgette at a time. and if you are a lucky one, you will have so many courgettes that you will be happy to give some of them to your best friends.

they need a little bit of space, between 50 cm and 1 meter, because the plants will become really big until the end of summer. usually courgettes are not very work intensive and they will have a lot of fruits. but it depends a bit on the weather. if the summer is too cold and wet, the harvest will be poorer. so if you do not live in a mediterranean climate, look for a more robust sort, like black forrest or dundoo. i will test this sorts next year.

it is important to harvest regularly, because it will stimulate further growing. apart from that there is not much more to do. sometimes the leaves of the plant get an illness called mildew. in this case, the only thing you can do is to cut off the leaves.
but i discovered a way to avoid mildew. i observed this in a very very nice and cultivated garden in greece this summer. cut off the older leaves regularly and just leave the young ones. i think it stimulates further growing additionally to fighting mildew. maybe you have some more experiences or knowledge about that. please let me know!

harvest the fruits when they are still small. they will taste best until a size of about 20 cm. if you miss the moment, don´t worry, they will still be fine for courgette al forno for example.

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