bear‘s garlic obatzter // bärlauch obatzter

bear‘s garlic obatzter means nothing more than smashing together bear‘s garlic, onions, butter, cream cheese and camembert cheese. but it is nothing less than one of the classic spreads for south german or austrian brotzeit or jause.

and as in valentinas kochbuch, where i found the recipe, i would say it is the best obatzter i have ever had. so try it yourself and tell me what you think.

with the bear‘s garlic, this version of obatzter is a homage to spring. even if it does not feel like that when looking out of the window – not to talk about leaving the house most of the last weekends – it is spring. … may already. and as it is cold like in march we still have some bear‘s garlic.

enjoy the obatzten with some dark bread.

200g camembert cheese
100g creme cheese
3 tbsp butter
1/4 tsp ground caraway
1/2 tsp sweet paprika powder
one pinch cayenne
one onion
one bunch of bear‘s garlic

remove the cheese rind and roughly cut the camembert. whisk together the camembert, creme cheese, butter, salt, pepper, caraway, paprika and cayenne. use a kitchen machine.

chop the onion and bear‘s garlic and whisk in.

serve with fresh bread and enjoy!


200g camembert
100 g frischkäse
3 el butter
1/4 tl gemahlenen kümmel
1/2 tl edelsüßen paprika
eine prise cayenne pfeffer
eine zwiebel
ein bund bärlauch

den camembert entrinden und in grobe würfel schneiden. mit der küchenmaschine den camembert, den frischkäse, die butter, salz, pfeffer, kümmel, paprika und cayenne vermischen.

zwiebel und bärlauch fein scheniden und ebenfalls unter den obatzten mischen.

schmeckt am besten zu frischem dunklen brot.

an guaten!

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