greek yoghurt with apricots, almond and honey // griechischer joghurt mit marillen, mandeln und honig

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after three years we moved back to our beloved roof top terrace with the two apricot trees we planted years ago. so, we heard the apricot trees had millions of sweet and juicy fruits all the last years.

well, this year we harvested five! one, two, three, four, five apricots. that’s all. as we watched them ripening day by day we had enough time to think about what to do with five (!) apricots. i thought about a cake … but a cake with five apricots …?

and then the best idea ever came up. we have been in greece a while ago and had an excellent and super easy to prepare desert. you need apricot compote, greek yoghurt, roasted almonds and honey. i can’t remember where i found the recipe, but it is so easy, nothing can go wrong.

this desert tastes so much like summer and sun. fruity and fresh – just perfect!

our five apricots were perfect for three people. if you have more, you easily can double the amounts of the other ingredients.

 for 3:

5 apricots
1 tbsp sugar
250 g greek joghurt
one handful roasted almond flakes

wash the apricots, remove kernels and cut into smaller pieces. pour them with the sugar into a pan and cook for a couple of minutes until the apricots will crumble. probably you have to add some tablespoons of water. it depends on the juiciness of your fruits.

allow to cool down completely. so i recommend to prepare it in advance.

to serve you will need three glasses. now you start to layer apricot compote, yoghurt, honey and almond flakes. repeat until your ingredients are finished. you should stop with almonds on top.



5 marillen (aprikosen)
1 el zucker
250 g griechischer joghurt
eine handvoll gerösteter mandelblättchen

die marillen waschen, steine entfernten und in stücke schneiden. die marillen und den zucker in eine kleine pfanne geben und für ein paar minuten kochen, bis die marillen zerfallen. eventuell muss man einpaar esslöffel wasser dazu geben, kommt darauf an wie saftig die früchte sind.

das marillenkompott muss anschließend komplett auskühlen. ich empfehle es im Vorhinein vorzubereiten.

zum servieren braucht man dann drei gläser und schichtet marillenkompott, joghurt, honig und geröstete mandeln in die gläser, bis alle zutaten aufgebraucht sind. die gerösteten mandeln sollten den abschluss bilden.

lasst es euch schmecken!

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