harvesting apricots


this summer’s vacation is over and it seems that also summer has already passed. it was only recently that my parents harvested those wonderful bright orange apricots in their garden and shared them with us, because they have been so many.

growing apricots is not that easy. they are demanding. they need some cold temperatures, but for heaven’s sake no frosts during the blossom period and they love warm temperatures and a lot of sun while the fruits ripen. and last but not least they are liable to illnesses, like the leave curl occurrence.

but if you managed to get your apricots (same for peaches) over all those troubles, you will be richly rewarded. and sometimes it needs some passion as well. while our old apartments terrace apricots had millions of fruits in their second year already, my parents waited for almost ten years until the conditions have been perfect. but this year everything seemed to be perfect and we all could enjoy the bright orange apricots in jam, cakes and baby food.

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