ricotta, thyme and dandelion syrup // ricotta, thymian und löwenzahnsirup

ricotta thyme and syrup_bearbeitet-1

here comes another dandelion flower syrup idea: homemade ricotta, fresh thyme and sweet dandelion flower syrup. a perfect little breakfast finish or desert.

creamy ricotta, the sweetness of the syrup and the thyme are a surprisingly good and unexpected combination. if you prepared homemade ricotta, you will have a lot of it and this receipt is a good way to finish it besides all the savory gnocchi, pizza and tart. but store bought ricotta will be fine as well.

dandelion flower syrup

place some ricotta on a plate, pour over the dandelion flower syrup and sprinkle with the thyme.




etwas ricotta auf einen teller geben, löwenzahnsirup darüber gießen und thymianblättchen darüber streuen.

guten appetit!

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