autumn joys: collecting mushrooms

in the woods

to be honest, i donĀ“t like the cold seasons. and the only thing, despite skiing, that makes me happy about the cycle of the seasons is the return of long missed seasonal food. apart from that it could be summer throughout the entire year. but now it is time for musselĀ again, we will have pumpkins, kale, roast meet, ragouts and wild mushrooms after one long year of waiting.

recently there was one of this beautiful autumn days, sunny and warm. it rained a bit the days before and we did not yet have strong night frosts. perfect conditions to collect wild mushrooms!

so the entire family walked into the woods. i have been million times in the woods to collect mushrooms with my dad, but i have to confess, until this year i had no idea which ones are eatable and which ones are toxic. my dad got desperate already. but this time i had a breakthrough. i am very proud that we found one mushroom that often this year that i am sure i will remember it. the bay bolete:

wild mushroomsI

wild mushroomsII

get out into the woods, good luck and hopefully bon appetite!


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