autumn bonfire, sausage bbq, “steckerlbrot” and marshmallows

all of you who tried to connect the past days i am really sorry, but we had major server problems. but now everything is fine again! being offline did not feel good. to tell you the truth, there have been moments i drove everybody crazy around me. but there have been very delightful moments as well. in this offline peacefullness we had our autumn bonfire, where we burned all the wood we trimmed during the year and most importantly the asperagus fern.

it was a perfect autumn day, without rain, some sun, no heavy wind and it was warm enough to stay outside the whole day. the highlight of the autumn bonfire was, and who would really be surprised about that, our lunch. we had an bbq with sausages, steckerlbrot (which means a piece of bread at the tip of a stick) and marshmallows over the bonfire. kind of camping feeling and childhood memories came into our minds.

so maybe you stay disconnected from time to time, too and if you would like to make steckerlbrot as well, here is my recipe:

70 g soft butter
200 g flour
15 g dry yeast
125 ml warm milk
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar

combine all ingredients until you have an compact dough. i recommend to simply use your hands to knead it.  just add some more flour if it is too sticky. form a ball and return to the mixing bowl. cover with a kitchen towel and let it rest at a warm place for at least one hour. it should double its size during that time.

divide the dough into eight equal parts. form eight thin rolls out of each part and twist around sticks. therefore it is best to cut a fresh branch, because it is wet enough not to catch fire immediately. now it is time to place them over the fire, not too close, otherwise it will be burnt outside and still sticky inside.

and i can warmly recommend some bbq marshmallows as a desert …

have fun!

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