apples for free

late summer and beginning of autumn represents for me almost a land of milk and honey. anywhere you go you will find something to harvest, in parks, on playgrounds, brownfields, roadsides, old fruit orchards and i donĀ“t know where. you just have to open your eyes and pick the ownerless and mellow fruits.

if you have no idea where to find the next apple tree for example, you can check it out on, an internet platform collecting locations of fruit trees, herbs and other edibles you can pick.

currently a large variety of fruits are ready to harvest. look out for apples, pears, maybe you still find some plums, rose hips and elderberry. you can bake wonderful cakes and tartes or make some jam out of them.

and by the way, during such a fruit picking excursion you will start to see your familiar surroundings with completely new eyes.

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