crispy apple chips – knackige apfelchips

time to clear your storerooms. these are some of the very last winter apples stored in my parent´s house. and as they have such a super fancy food drying machine, i was ready to make some apple chips. they are a super healthy and tasty wintertime snack. 100% natural, no sugar or other stuff added and ideal to use up your last winter stored apples before spring approaches.

our son is absolutely addicted to those apple chips. he ate them all in less than one week. in the meantime my parents made more apple chips for him and sent them. if you want to store the apple chips a little bit longer than a few days, it is important to fill them in an airtight jar or container. otherwise they will loose their crunchiness.


if you want to peel the apples or not is up to you and depends a bit on your apples. ours have been stored apples and their peel was a little bit wizened already so we decided to peel them. next you remove the apple cores. it will be the easiest with the help of an apple core remover. then thinly slice the apples and give them in a bowl with some lemon juice which will prevent the discoloration of the apples.

now you can layer the apples in the drying machine or on baking paper if you dry the apples in the oven. the information about the time the apples will need to dry differ from source to source. ours took about 5 hours. fortunately the machine is working and you don’t have to do anything in the meantime. i read recipes where the apples are dried in the oven for 1 hour at 120° C, but it sounds quite short to me. the best is to try it yourself by checking every half hour if they are already crunchy enough.

once you are done, allow the apple chips to cool and then store them or eat them.

have fun and enjoy!

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